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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Faster answers. Reduced inquires. 100% FDA label compliance.

OnLabel by Clair leverages AI to improve the sales rep, provider, and MSL experience. All while ensuring compliance with FDA approved information and ZERO hallucinations.
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Enhance your Med Info Workflow

Instantly and accurately answer healthcare provider questions while being completely compliant with your FDA label.

Compliantly empower Sales Reps to answer any question

Decrease the total number of med inquiries

Streamline med inquiry response process for MSLs

Decrease time spent researching

Access the power of our Clinical AI Reference, Clair, to answer off label questions with the latest in clinical data.

Legitimate references

Clair responses always come with links to original, legitimate references like FDA Drug Package Inserts, NIH Clinical Trials Database, NLM drug Interactions Database and Clinical Guidelines


A team of Clair clinical experts reviews all data sources in a thorough vetting process to ensure all responses are accurate and credible

Intelligent sourcing

Clair selects the right source of information based on the use-case and the nature of the question
Asking Clair about the side effects of a drug will prompt the reference of FDA drug package inserts
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Asking about the comparative efficacy of a drug to another will trigger Clair to use the NIH clinical trials database
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