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Provide your enrollees and clinical teams a robust AI driven population management platform

Real-time HEDIS measures & AI Intervention engine.

Identify. Act. Monitor.

OneDash is the most powerful real-time HEDIS measure tool available to directly improve outcomes.

Utilizing HEDIS measures to claims data, seamlessly identify intervention opportunities and act on them with OneDash. Monitor results and continuously improve outcomes for your program and enrollees.
Pharmacy Services Director
Our focus is to utilize tools that can help improve adherence and clinical outcomes for our enrollees. Leveraging OneDash is doing just that...”

Improve outcomes and 

adherence while reducing medical expenditure.

Digital pharmacy and population management tool

OneDash will enable your team to monitor order statuses & prior authorizations, customize analytics, build automated custom cohorts to study, collect key health metrics via Apple & Google Health, live chat with the CaryRx team and much more.

Identify interventions with analytics. Act on interventions with prescription fulfillment. Improve outcomes. All within our platform. Utilize OneDash for real-time interventions, including HEDIS measures, medical device data, adherence and cohort specific benchmarks.
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Improve outcomes and adherence


Is wasted every year in avoidable hospital readmission costs.


Of all serious medical errors involve miscommunication during care transactions.


Is spent annually for medication non-adherence in the U.S.

Your AI Copilot for pop health

Utilize Clair throughout OneDash to understand your enrollee population quickly and accurately. Clair utilizes legitimate references, including FDA Drug Package Inserts, NIH Clinical Trial Databases, NLM Drug Interaction Databases and Clinical Guidelines.

You can Ask Clair to do many different tasks, including:

  • Med recommendations
  • Clinical reference
  • Search your enrollee medical, pharmacy and lab claims data
  • Search your own internal documents
  • Generate intervention
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Cut down search time by 90%


Clair answers are expertly curated from legitimate clinical sources and always include references

Human centered

Within our beautifully designed system, simply ask in natural language and receive a precise answer

Fast and efficient

Clair instantly converts messy clinical data into concise & structured referential information

OneDash is the best platform for
caseworkers, pharmacists and clinical teams.

Identify, act & monitor

Identify enrollees in need of care

With OneDash there are multiple ways to monitor your population, including natural language AI queries, a real-time data browser and our powerful intervention rules engine.
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Act on your identified intervention opportunities

A fully modular engine to act on intervention opportunities via funnels leveraging communication, Telehealth & Rx fulfillment.
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Monitor progress using the most advanced analytics platform available

OneDash provides a real time data browser to slice your data as you see fit. Alternatively, leverage our AI copilot Clair to simply ask questions about your data. Further, use our ROI tools to track the success of your interventions.
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Communicate with your ecosystem

Automate messaging to enrollees, healthcare providers to deliver messages that matter most. Utilize trigger based messaging to communicate with enrollees or providers who match specific criteria.
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The OneDash difference

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Apple and Google Health integrations


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