A Comprehensive Portal for Real-Time Data & Communications


Year over year recovery rate

Not All Rx Fulfillment Strategies Are Created Equal

OneDash is the only true AI-powered intervention engine, empowering pharma execs with real-time visibility into key metrics like patient adherence and outcomes, patient ordering and demographics, shipping and logistics, and communications with pharmacies.
Identify, act & monitor

Identify enrollees in need of care

With OneDash there are multiple ways to monitor your population, including natural language AI queries, a real-time data browser and our powerful intervention rules engine.
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Act on your identified intervention opportunities

A fully modular engine to act on intervention opportunities via funnels leveraging communication, telehealth & Rx fulfillment.
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Monitor progress using the most advanced analytics platform available

OneDash provides a real time data browser to parse your data as you see fit. Alternatively, leverage our AI copilot Clair to simply ask questions about your data. Further, use our ROI tools to track the success of your interventions.
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Communicate with your ecosystem

Automate messaging to enrollees and healthcare providers to deliver messages that matter most. Utilize trigger based messaging to communicate with enrollees or providers who match specific criteria.
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Your Health Intelligence Solution

Real-time data analytics 
Patient demographics, prescriber metrics,  adherence rates, clinical outcomes and medication usage enabling better informed decisions

Centralized platform 
Order management, status updates, and real-time collaboration, resulting in enhanced efficiency, reduced delays, and improved overall communication

Real-time visibility
Shipping details, delivery statuses and logistics updates, ultimately driving optimized management of supply chain, mitigated risks, and ensures the timely delivery of medications

A Previously Unaddressed Need

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are said to be data rich & information poor

Pharma and sales execs are often in the dark on drug fulfillment & distribution, real-time shipping & logistics, patient adherence, resulting health outcomes, and ordering behaviors. 

Imagine the value to your organization when this information and much more is offered to you via an industry leading, user friendly portal…OneDash.

OneDash Stats


Adherence Rate for New Start fills from our pharmaceutical manufacturer's enrollees, exceeding the industry average by 10%.


Improvement in Days to Refill amongst new patients staying on therapy.


Increase in New Fill Rate versus competitors, ensuring increased revenue.

A platform to monitor & order medications,
query key health metrics and much more

Real-time data. Real-time analytics.

We cover all the data you need: real-time HEDIS measures, labs, medical device data, adherence, expenditure and more.

Easy population management for enhanced efficiency

Get full insight into your enrollees adherence trends, prior authorizations, order statuses and health metrics.

Fully customizable for your organization

Create custom reports with our easy to use report generator. Analyze your entire population or break it down with our automated cohort builder.

A digital pharmacy experience a step beyond
the traditional chain pharmacy

Visual Rx management & live order tracking

Easily order prescriptions, live track orders, request refills, transfer prescriptions, and more all our mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices.

Refill reminders &

Refill reminders help monitor supply and improve adherence to maintenance medications. With auto-refill enabled, patients will never miss a refill again.

Communication via
tri-directional chat

CaryRx pharmacists, your clinical team and patients will all have an open line of streamline communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page for care.

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