Eliminate denials.
Reduce costs.
Increase revenue.

Streamline prior authorizations


Benefit coverage analysis

With an extensive background, our team of patient advocates brings years of valuable experience, working closely and directly with pharmacy help desks to ensure that the answers you seek are not only within reach but delivered with the highest degree of proficiency and care.

Adjudication and rejection notifications

Prior authorizations are a critical step in the healthcare process. Our dedicated team excels in expediting these authorizations, ultimately boosting your revenue while ensuring a seamless and efficient journey through the complexities of pharmaceutical benefits.

Next level insight

Our cutting-edge tech tools and platforms have redefined the way you gain knowledge, offering a level of precision and depth never before possible. With OneDash, you're always in the know with information that's both timely and effortlessly comprehensible.

We can help get prior authorizations approved

We understand the health insurance benefit structure inside and out. We’ll work with you to create a fully customized solution that meets the needs of you and your patients.
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